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Austin, TX


Criminal Lawyer in Austin, TX

An experienced Austin, TX, criminal lawyer will be here to support you during your time of need. When you face serious charges, come to The Law Office of Roger M. Nichols for help. Our team is courteous and professional, and we are ready to handle cases involving a wide variety of crimes. When you contact our Austin, TX, office, you can expect to be greeted quickly by a supportive, knowledgeable staff.

During our years serving Austin, we have handled countless cases revolving around everything from violence and sex to drugs and alcohol. No matter what the prosecution team has accused you of, you can rest assured you are in good hands when you come to us for help. Our team of professionals will devote time to collecting evidence, talking to witnesses, and interviewing anyone who may affect the case. We will also ensure you know all of your options before making any decisions. We are easy to get ahold of due to our flexible schedule, and we encourage you to stay in close contact with us to stay informed of your case.

The right Austin, TX, criminal lawyer for you can give you peace of mind as you deal with serious accusations. At The Law Office of Roger M. Nichols, we truly care about our clients, so we work hard on every case. If you want to begin discussing your legal needs today, please call our Austin, TX, firm to schedule an appointment.