Statewide Representation Of Clients Before The Texas Board Pardons And Paroles

Austin, TX


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Roger Nichols has been practicing Criminal Law since 1990. A native West Texan, he practiced in Abilene and all around West Texas. He handled a general criminal practice, including parole revocation hearings.

The parole process is like no other in the United States. It is a closed-door process with no formal meeting of those who vote on your loved ones’ parole. Personal access to the voting panel is the best way to receive the best possible review and decision. That access is best achieved by a targeted, professionally prepared parole presentation (also known as a parole packet) delivered and explained by a lawyer who REALLY understands the process and what the voter is looking for.

Sometimes parolees stumble in their road to reintegration to society. They are arrested, jailed, and held for a revocation hearing. All too often, parolees are talked into waiving their rights to that hearing, making it easier to send them back to prison. Parolees are entitled to a revocation hearing, and it is foolhardy to face a contested hearing and a voting panel without a lawyer to safeguard the proceedings, cross-examine witnesses, and present the case for reinstatement to supervision. A major component of Roger’s duties with the Board of Pardons and Paroles was the legal instruction of the parole revocation hearing officers. This makes him again uniquely qualified to represent your loved ones at this critical time.

Roger Nichols understands the parole process like no other lawyer.

Roger served as the Assistant General Counsel to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles from 2003-2009. Roger is the ONLY LAWYER in the State of Texas representing inmates before the Board WHO HAS ACTUALLY WORKED FOR THE PAROLE BOARD. This unique experience, this specialized knowledge, and the personal relationships forged during his State service make him uniquely qualified to fully and successfully represent your loved one to secure release to parole.